My new makeover

I have chosen an iconic image of Dublin as the image for my new blog - the Ha'penny Bridge which links the north and south sides of the River Liffey. The picture shows the Winding Stair  on the North side (which is now a well-established and very good restaurant) but was a much loved bookshop and cafĂ© when I was an undergraduate in the late 80s. It closed in the 90s but a new bookshop has risen from its ashes since then.
The Winding Stair bookshop proudly declares on its website that it is "one of the oldest surviving independent bookshops in Dublin" and I for one applaud and celebrate that as a librarian and book-lover.

This blog post may appear to be an unsolicited ad for the Winding Stair but this was not my original intention when I added this image from Pixabay!

In choosing an image for my blog, the Ha'penny bridge brought back nostalgic times when I was a budding librarian in Dublin in the 80s and 90s. It also seemed apt given the bridge's construction in 1916 and the recent focus on celebrating (but also debating) the first 100 years of Ireland as a nation.

Bridges are powerful symbols as well as practical constructs. I will finish on that note!


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